Just for today…inspiring change

Just for today I will be the best me I can be by being proactive. I will choose to not allow mental health issues or anything/anyone else to dictate my choices. I will not use anything as a crutch or excuse to not participate in this new day.  I will choose to do something productive no matter how big or small and I will be proud of it. I will show myself some self-care physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically I will practice good hygiene and get some exercise (even if it is going for a short walk) and try to eat food that is good for me. I will take my meds as always! I will go outside and sit in the sunshine for a while or however long I can and ENJOY it. Emotionally, I will not self-berate and will allow myself space to not be perfect.  Also, I will not allow others to blame me or excuse themselves from their actions towards me by using my mental illness as their crutch.  Mentally, I will not listen to negative thoughts or words that have taunted me in the past. I will release the past to God and allow Him to heal me. I will let go of anger or hurt that has been caused by others towards me. I will probably have to do that again and again but for right now, I will focus on doing it today.  I will also trust that God is making things right for me with His compassion and love towards them. I will choose to treat myself with kindness today so I will be able to share it with others. I will love my family to the best of my ability. I will show love to my pets because they are such good therapy for me. I will be thankful for my blessings that I do have and not dwell on negativity. I will encourage someone today.  I will rest in the fact that I am a child of God and I am beautiful. I am loved and cherished unconditionally. My Spirit is alive regardless of how my body feels. Even if I fail today I am NOT a failure I am learning and growing. I will choose to believe ALL of this and have HOPE. I will share that HOPE with others. I will allow myself to just BE.

This is something that I want to make part of my day everyday, but right now I will say I am making it a part of THIS day. One day at a time…..:) pexels-photo-462118.jpeg



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