In honor of my dog Copper…

The last time I posted a blog was on Tuesday February 20th. Also know as National Love Your Pet Day. My dog Copper passed away that day. He was a wild Spirit, full of unconditional love, and all kinds of personality. He was deeply loved by my family. He was my walking buddy and he knew when I was out of my pajamas and in my clothes in the mornings it was time for a walk. My heart is so heavy and so is Tori’s. We were with him 24/7 and it’s hard to let go. Last night, I was looking at Pinterest on the app I have on my phone and I found this little “prayer” or some words of comfort. And then, this morning this other one just happen to show up on my Pinterest. I pray that Jesus helps us get through this quickly. He is truly missed!! This is a picture of him 😊❤️❤️❤️ I guess he knows how much we need to be cheered up right now.IMG_1316IMG_1321IMG_1322


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