Why is it?..

Why is it that we finite minded people want to continuously try to put an infinite God on our level of understanding? Why do we accept certain areas of illness/healing and oppose others? Especially when it comes to some things associated with Mental Illness. Why is it okay for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Autism to be acceptable mental disorders? It’s okay to treat them with meds. Why is it when you tell someone you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Depression, or Anxiety there’s automatic skepticism? It becomes a spiritual thing (the devil) or something you are not doing right..instead of it being a physical thing that needs to be treated. And that hinders the help available to people that may struggle with these disorders. God is so much bigger than a diagnosis and misunderstandings. He is everywhere… His healing can come instantaneously or ongoing. It’s up to Him!..and for me… my illness is being treated through the miracle of meds and a Dr. and it’s my choice and His Grace to use those God-given tools. When I was put in the hospital in 2012 for a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder I had this thing about anchors. I liked anchors because in 1999 Jesus became the Anchor of my soul and ever since then I have loved anchors. The place I was diagnosed at was called Anchor Hospital. I had never heard of that place until a local hospital took me there. It was the biggest nightmare of my life, but my Anchor Jesus got me through. I believe the name of that hospital was a God thing for me. That’s how BIG God is. Almost 19 years ago God instantaneously healed me from an alcohol addiction. He took the desire to drink away from me in a moment and gave me such peace. He has guided me while keeping me strong throughout the years. Yesterday I was outside running admiring the beauty around me and thinking about how huge He is! There are so many different ways He works and things out there to bring awareness. There’s Alcohol/Drug Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Parkinson’s Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Crohns and Colitis Awareness, Suicide Prevention Awareness, Animal Abuse Awareness, and so many, many more! All of this shows how big God is and how much He cares about every little detail concerning people…how His compassion is ALL IN this BIG world. He gives us so much help in so many ways. It just amazes me! But, why is it that so many of us still don’t get that? We keep Him confined to fit us. We try to decide what we think about things regardless. These are my thoughts from yesterday and for today. I pray that I always open my heart and mind to just how BIG He is!!


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