It’s not just by meds…

I just want to clarify that it’s not just by meds that I live a full life now.  I don’t think there has to be a pill for everything and every ailment. For me, meds are working. I also practice a lot of self-care and compassion for myself. I still have my moments and my days. However, I am proactive about things now. I used to be so very hard on myself and I’m thankful that I can say today I’m not like that. I do other things besides meds to keep myself feeling like a whole person. I try to eat good, exercise (running works best for me) and I relax when I need to. I pray and I enjoy life, my family, nature, my pets, and all of my blessings. I practice gratitude and try to stay positive. Meds are just one of the many ways I maintain my mental health. This is for those out there that struggle with mental health issues. It’s not just by the meds that you will find healing. …it’s learning as you go what works for you and  helps you be a better and happier person. Don’t listen to those that try to steer you from things you know work for you. It’s your health and your body…listen to your body it can teach you! ❤️🙏☀️💁🏻


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