Pain with a purpose…

When you look back on life you realize all of your pain had a purpose. Maybe things were going great for you as a child and you were surrounded by love and great things. Then, BAM you were exposed to more than you should have been. You may have survived a divorce and then you had other things happen. Like that first “love” you thought you would die without. Man, that was crazy stuff right there. And those middle school years when you were totally confused and torn between being a child and an adult. And some circumstances were forcing you to grow up too soon. The low self-esteem that completely took over then, too. And that addiction that had you bound for years. The one that sometimes had other addictions clinging to it. What about that past that haunted you and still tries to, but those demon voices are not even as loud as they were when they started taunting you. Or they are gone!!  Then there are those people that left you here on earth after they finished their journey here. How long it took to come to terms with that or maybe the guilt or what ifs you had. What about the diagnosis you got that changed your life. You sure weren’t expecting that and sometimes you lived in denial about it. So, if you couldn’t accept it then you couldn’t manage it. But then you did. Maybe you had to really work triple times at your marriage because the future looked bleak. And you and your spouse came from broken homes. And you survived raising your kids and they turned out great but far from perfect at the same time. You survived feeling like a failure as a mom/parent and came to terms with I did the best I could with what I had at the time. Maybe you had to bury a child and you are still alive fighting the pain you probably feel daily because they went before you (I cannot imagine). I almost lost mine 3 different times battling her illness. Speaking of that…maybe you had to and are still accepting your child’s diagnosis and trying to help them live with it. And everyday you HOPE good things for them one day at a time. Maybe you are living the nightmare of your child’s addiction or lifestyle choices that “you think” is wrong. And you are learning how to LOVE them through it. Maybe you worked your a** off to get the job you have now that you never thought you would have. I remember all of the pain that came with training for my runs 5k, 10k, to half marathons. Those were some hard, BUT accomplished goals for someone battling depression. Maybe you fight depression more days than you want to and getting out of bed is your goal. If you did it kudos to you my friend!! That goal is sometimes just as big as all of my races put together!! I don’t know your pain or your story, but we ALL have something we have survived, conquered, and became STRONGER and BETTER people because of and THAT is why I called this blog pain with a purpose. Because those things we look back on and never thought we would survive we did!! And we can see what we are made of NOW that is the purpose! P.S. Most of these examples are mine…I encourage you to look back at things you thought at the time you wouldn’t live through, but you did or even the lessons you have learned along the way!! Amazing how bright your day will become!   pexels-photo-301599.jpeg����


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