Distractions here.. distractions there.. distractions find you anywhere

They come around when you have a dream and smash it down that’s how it seems

Cause in your heart you make a plan but distractions come and make demands

You want to follow your heart it’s true but distractions they really want you too

You try and try it’s hard it’s true the struggle it is real for you 

You pause to hear your still voice sing but then the phone begins to ring

Before you know it you are torn into… by distractions that is nothing new

Everyday you want it bad that change you really wish you had

But outside you the world is fast it promises things that really won’t last

Your intentions they are good you know you do great things your life it shows

But still inside there comes a cry cause everyday it passes by

The you that needs to be made fresh can’t get anywhere outside your flesh

But let me tell you this my friend distractions they will never end

So if you want the dream you’ve told distractions they will HAVE to go!!! 



Poem by: Sharon Schwartz








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