Kill the stigmas…#bipolardepression

Sometimes we just need to be understood

We don’t need dirty looks or told to be good

Our hearts are crying can you hear their plea?

They’re screaming accept me please accept me for me

I’m not crazy I’m struggling and sometimes I feel lost

My strength is weak and I’m about to exhaust

Don’t label me with this or label me with that

Or make me feel like I’m in a combat

All that is doing is giving me grief

And stirring up anger where there is no relief

Get your eyes off of me unless it’s to help

Don’t use your tongue as though it’s a skelp…

To everyone out there that needs to be heard

Don’t allow others to cause your deter

You are of value and you have great worth

There’s a reason you are here and you were put on this earth

It’s ok to have feelings and thoughts in your head

To sometimes be happy and other times dread

Just try to keep your negative thoughts at bay

And know in your heart you WILL be OKAY!!

Poem by: Sharon Schwartz




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