Mental Illness and toxic people…

Mental health is a challenge in itself especially for those with mental illness. I believe we are some of the most compassionate,  loving and forgiving people. And because of that sometimes we have to step back and check our people. You see…we deserve love, peace, happiness, and wholeness just like the next person. And some people are just what they are for us….toxic…and they can be our biggest pitfalls. The ones I have come to believe that are toxic are: people that don’t know your WHOLE story, people that think you want attention, people that tell you to snap out of it, grow up, or that someone has it worse off than you do. People that give you sympathy and not empathy, people that hurt you and when you defend yourself they blame you for it. There are probably more, but the bottom line is when you are in a relationship that leaves you feeling worse about yourself than better it’s time to get out of it. With that being said, I am learning self-care, self-love, self-worth and boundaries. Because some people even though they aren’t bad people do not need to be your people. And it’s OKAY to let them go!! My thoughts for today!!




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