Mental Illness/Depression/Anxiety/Bipolar Disorder

Mental illness comes in all forms and there are different struggles with each one. I have learned while trying to manage mine that anything I do that is productive helps. A lot of people don’t have jobs which makes it worse. When my daughter was very ill I was at home taking care of her and I wasn’t going out a lot. I am still home with her as she is recovering, but I can leave her for lengths of time and do my own thing somewhat. I have found things that work for me and help me to have better days.  I know there will be days when getting out of bed is a struggle or even taking a shower/bath, but ANYTHING we do is a step towards feeling better and having better days. I am going to list some things that have worked for me. And I don’t want these things to cause pressure on anyone because they are just ideas. I was diagnosed in 2012 and these are things that I have done besides take my medicine religiously that have helped me. It also helps to set goals each day no matter how big or small. Maybe you can relate to what I am saying and benefit from this.

Practice good hygiene (take a warm bath or shower) I take Epsom Salt baths and add lavender essential oil sometimes. Just lay in there and chill…use scented lotion/nice perfume afterwards and smell like awesomeness for the day

Brush/floss teeth

Get out of pajamas and actually put on clothes

Eat some healthy foods for breakfast  like fruit/oatmeal/cereal (I eat peanut butter toast and banana sometimes)

Drink a lot of water throughout the day

Walk the dog or play with any animals you may have or just take a solo walk and soak in some scenery

Sit outside in the sunshine for a while

Blog and share your story…and the flip side of that is UNPLUG from everything even your phone for a couple of hours and sit in quiet (color, write poetry, journal about your feelings for the day)

Volunteer (I volunteered at a nursing home for a year; I sat and enjoyed the company of a lady and tried to make her days brighter before she passed away) she actually made my days brighter…

Send someone a card and cheer them up or thank them for being in your life and encouraging you or just putting up with you lol

Start a new hobby there’s a lot of them out there ( I run or try to go to the gym) that helps clear my mind especially if I am upset or irritated about something/someone. It’s amazing what a little exercise does for how you may be feeling

Try a new recipe and get the satisfaction of sharing the meal with someone who enjoys it

Read a book or watch a good movie there are some good movies about mental illness out there; my MOST FAVORITE one is Silver Linings Playbook but I have watched other ones A Beautiful Mind, Benny and Joon, Thank-you for Your Service, etc…I stay away from horror movies or dark thrillers (that’s just me) I like comedies, romance, and inspirational movies that are based on true stories)

Call someone and ask them how they are doing and then LISTEN to them (you never know they may need to vent about something) and you may change their whole outlook for the day

Send an e-card to someone they are free cards (sometimes animated and cute) and you send them via email

Leave your spouse (if you have one) a love note

If you have children call or text them and tell them they are awesome!! Even if they aren’t making choices you agree with because none of us are perfect!!

Watch funny You Tube videos of animals that will make you smile

Pray for someone that you know is having a hard time

Listen to music!!

Anyway, I have more I am sure but these are the ones that came to my mind today….Hope you have a GREAT day!!


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