When I run…


Sometimes when I run…my music scatters my brain

The strum of the guitar and the drums go clang clang

Don’t get me wrong music is good for the soul

But sometimes that music… it just has to go

There’s a music I’m missing and it fills the air

It’s the breeze from the wind that flows through my hair

The sunshine…its rays they beam down on my face

And it feels so good as I run to its pace

The leaves they go crunch when they’re under my feet

My breathing gets fast and I hear my heart beat

I look at the sky and its beautiful blue

The clouds hanging peacefully under its hue

The birds soar up there so pretty and free

At times I am wishing that’s where I could be

The rain comes down as the sky turns to gray

But I don’t quit running I just want to stay

Its wetness feels good streaming down each cheek

Even though in my eyes things start to look bleak

I tell of this music that sings around me

Its beauty sings loud like a sweet melody

So if someday the music scatters your brain too

Just turn it off and look around you!!

 ❤ �� ❤ Poem by: Sharon Schwartz


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