While me and my husband were walking the other day I was talking to him about my story.  I told him I had been thinking about how maybe I have shared too much of my life experiences with people…especially at church. Sometimes when I talk I actually end up finding comfort in my own words. I realized…you know,  it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. But, if you can reach one person with your voice it is worth it. When we open up about our struggles and failures we are connecting. We are no longer ashamed, but have accepted what we have been through as part of us. It needed to happen because it forced us to get on a better path. Then, I thought about a story that I read the other day about a girl who was so messed up on drugs. The article said after she came off the drugs she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder ( a lot of people with mental illness self-medicate before their diagnosis). Anyway, she was a teenage girl who literally pulled her eyes out of their sockets because she thought it was a mission from God and He wanted her to do that. While I was reading that I was amazed at how brave she was for sharing that. She is sharing her story with a lot of people now hoping to bring awareness to what drugs can do. She said as bad as it was that it has changed her life for the better. She is blind, but she really sees. She has discovered the right path for her life through it all and she has found peace. When I read her story my heart was touched because I could relate to her in so many ways and even though I wasn’t face to face with her we were connecting.

Ironically, my daughter had an assignment yesterday. She asked me to help her with it. It was about a girl that was sharing her story. She was talking about how girls these days feel like they have to keep up with society and withhold a certain image. She said when that happens that they start losing their true identity. My daughter had to respond to it in her own words how she felt about what was being said. She realized there was truth in it and that she could also relate to everything she was saying. At that moment, there was a connection. Now, I realize…it’s okay to put yourself out there. I think there will always be a tiny bit of fear to not do it. But, you have to decide what’s more important? If I need to share then I am being true to myself. I am doing what I feel like needs to be done. I am opening myself up to the world because I want people to know I am not perfect. I want them to know that I have survived and came out shining. I want them to have HOPE. I want to connect…my heart to theirs. So many people go through life busy and don’t stop long enough to connect to other people. Their lives are masked by things that really have no meaning. I love to hear people share their struggles and victories. It is inspiring and it is meaningful. I don’t like superficial or surface relationships. I like intimacy and transparency. I really appreciate those who put themselves out there because I like connecting with people. That’s my thoughts for today….pexels-photo-461049.jpeg


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