Immature-not mature, ripe, developed or perfected. Sometimes I think I am still a child at heart; even more so emotionally.  I don’t know maybe because at the age of 14 when my brain was still developing alcohol/drugs caused damage. But I am thankful that I am child-like in the aspect that I can be in awe and wonder of things that most people fail to see. But, I have realized regardless of age we are all immature. We can look at other people and see things in their lives that might not be living up to our standards of maturity, but you know what? Everyone is different, every journey of pain, loss, growth, and development is unique. Immature is one of those far-fetched words. It has such a wide variety of examples that we come up with in our own opinions. Someone of “age” was talking to me about how immature a person was because of the way they posed for a picture. Yes it happened, but I can look at them and think how immature they are for talking about how the person was posing in the picture. I know that’s a silly example, but…. Regardless of what you or I think or anyone else thinks about being immature, we can all learn from each other if we are humble enough and open. Because after all, the definition says..not perfected. pexels-photo-414160.jpeg


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