Writer’s Doubt…

I just like to write. I have published 2 books from my heart and I was passionate about it!! Nothing became of those books but my great feelings of accomplishment. That was a goal I set for myself and some poems I gathered. I have written several poems and senseless stuff. It might not be impressive to others, but it’s okay. It’s just something I need to do. Sometimes words flow and have meaning/depth and other times they’re stale and fruitless. But, I have to just do it anyway. I have time because I am blessed to be able to be home right now and not work. God has provided this for me. The majority of the time I have self-doubt about what I write. If I get too caught up in that relentless battle in my head I have to just go away. I mean get out and breathe. I find something to do besides writing. Then, I come back. I just found this list today for us writers.



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