A poem from me…

As I sit outside on this bright sunny day
There are words in my heart I just need to say
My heart beats and it pumps it is filled with joy
I can only describe it when I share my story
This story I am seeing right before my eyes
With thankfulness heavy on my chest as I sigh
The trees are so green as their branches sway
With the wind and the sun I get carried away
To a place in my mind I can hear a sweet tune
It lingers around me and carries up to the moon
I have found this new place in my life you see
Where blessings abound and are all around me
Like a child at play with no care at all
That’s how I feel as I hear their call
Everyone has them they’re no different than me
They just need to open their heart and their eyes to see
I hear birds singing songs and see flowers in bloom
The Creator of them knew we would feel days of gloom
So He made them for us to brighten our days
A taste of Heaven so we would all be amazed
It’s a show of His splendor a touch of awesomeness too
These priceless gifts to me and to you
Get out of the box and don’t be blind
Come out of that place where you feel confined
Step out of your comfort and into the light
And you will soon see this glorious sight!!pexels-photo-469315.jpeg
Poem by: Sharon Schwartz

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