Dance like nobody is watching…

The last couple of days my daughter and I have been out of town. We met up with a group of people on a mission trip. Yesterday we were in a store of one of the main shopping areas in the town. They were playing very loud, but awesome music. Since my daughter has been sick one of the things we have grown to LOVE  is music! We have dance parties in the car with the music turned up loud on the way to her infusion appointments. It is a long drive that we have come to enjoy. Anyway, one of our favorite songs from the 70’s came on while we were in this store. We proceeded to sing and dance. I could just feel my Spirit feeling up with joy!! It was so freeing and fun!!  There was an older man just across the aisle that saw us and he started singing and dancing, too. People started watching us and some of them seemed annoyed while others were smiling. Some looked as though they wanted to join in, but wouldn’t. We didn’t care because when you go through what we’ve been through your perception of life changes drastically. You no longer care what people think; you just dance because you are thankful you can!! Some of his family even seemed embarrassed by him, but as long as my daughter and I continued he didn’t let up either. It was awesome! While he was dancing he stepped out of the aisle and pulled up his pants leg to show me his prosthetic leg. I looked at him and encouraged him more to keep dancing and singing. Even though people were watching it was though they weren’t even there. We were so caught up in the moment of exhilaration. After the song finished he proceeded to walk toward the exit. He threw his hand up and I gave him a big high five. He said THANK-YOU! with a big smile on his face. It was so genuine and heartfelt that it made it all so much more meaningful. His wife let us know he was a Vietnam veteran. I was so touched that on the drive home all I could think about was how so many people that are free don’t even act like they are. They confine themselves and aren’t able to just let loose and take life as it comes. They set standards of behavior that they are “supposed” to follow because they have been programmed that way or they haven’t been through enough hardship to learn to ENJOY life. Life is a gift and I am so thankful that I have been freed from society’s expectations. I’m glad that even though everyone was watching; me, my daughter, and this sweet man were dancing like nobody was. I wish now I would’ve ended the dance with a salute to him for his service. After all, he has helped make it possible for me to be even more free to dance like nobody is watching.


John 8:36


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