A tribute to my parents…


When I run I do my best thinking. I don’t know why, but somehow my heart is speaking while my mind is clearing. Today I was thinking about my parents. I have talked about and shared some of the mistakes I thought they made while raising me. However, everything I thought they did wrong I have done myself. Maybe more than I would like, but you know life is all about making mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow. Now, I think the biggest and only mistake they made is not trying to understand me. I feel like they were too busy trying to fix me and when they couldn’t they just wanted me out of their way. But, today I was more focused on being thankful for their mistakes. I am even thankful for how some of their mistakes may have influenced “some” of my own. You know why I am thankful??? Because today God just overflowed my heart with gratitude for all of those so called “dark” mistakes I have made. The ones that took me down into the darkest pits. You know? Those times when you are at your lowest bottom and all of a sudden you are touched by a force that is pulling you out and at the same time in front of you there’s a force running to you! Then, you get the privilege and honor of being touched by something sweeter than honey!! That sweet AMAZING GRACE!! The LOVE..the unconditional One that pulls you out and wraps you up with acceptance and forgiveness. The One that never condemned you while others and even yourself was. The One that puts your invisible boxing gloves back on compelling and propelling you back into this thing called life. I am just thankful that I have the parents I have. They aren’t perfect none of us are and even though they still “don’t get me” I have a God that does. If it wasn’t for the mistakes they made and the ones I made maybe I just wouldn’t see how SWEET that GRACE is!! Some people don’t, but I want to pay tribute to them today. I think they are pretty good people and I’m pretty sure I got some good qualities I have from them. I know there was a time when I was a small child that they sowed a lot of love and good in my life and I am thankful for that. Another thing I am thankful for is when I was a struggling teenager they may have been frustrated and even ashamed of me, but they never used God or religion as a tool to shame me. They also taught me to see people as people and to never think I was better than anyone. Anyway….that’s on my heart today@schwartzheart


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