Robot or real??

The other day I said a “curse” word. Oh my goodness!! Don’t gasp too hard! I have said many curse words actually. I may have stubbed my toe or been in a heated argument. There has been an occasion while I was running some frustration off and I have even sang a song with a word or two in it. But, seriously I used to correct my children for listening to music with “profanity” in it. Or forbid they even think about one of those words coming out of their mouths. My son said this to me one time and I have to say I totally agree with him. What is profanity really and what about the actual “curse” words? They are always coming up with new ones, too. I just feel like we spend way too much time on trivial things these days…labeling and being opinionated about stuff like that and boxing people up in our little minds. I have seen people that use profanity, but will also give you the shirt off their back literally. When I used to party and get drunk I was judged a lot, but I used to help people all the time. I’m not saying that to boast either because I was also naive at times, but I saw nothing except people. I didn’t care what they looked like, what they wore, what their lifestyles were like, what color they were, if their bodies were full of piercings or tats, etc. Get my point?? Then, I met the worst enemy I could’ve met…religion. Now, I am not talking about God/Jesus and spirituality. I have bible verses that I hold onto for encouragement, strength, and hope. They keep me grounded. However, my mind isn’t closed to positive quotes either that are simple yet profoundly enlightening. Ex: Be kind whenever is always possible. Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay. Both of those are by  (Dalai Lama). It’s just sad that we have to live out of our minds/thoughts/opinions about stuff instead of reaching heart to heart REGARDLESS. Not only that, we are raising our children to be so focused on what not to do or that they “must” and are “expected” to be morally upstanding citizens that we aren’t even paying attention to what is going on in their hearts. What are their struggles? What are THEIR dreams or how do they feel about themselves or things? This especially happens in some churches/religious organizations. Kids are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. It is becoming an epidemic. I believe it is because of the expectations being placed on them. They are becoming robotic and lifeless because their creativity and life is being sucked right out of them. Instead of teaching them compassion and love they are being taught to be self-righteous and judgmental. I think that’s why so many kids leave home for college and never go back to a church/religious organization. I hate to tell you, but we are all in the same boat. When our titles, our materialism, our jobs, even our religion, etc…is stripped away we are just ordinary people trying to find our way on this journey called life. We are called and should be compelled to reach out to each other. Love knows no boundaries. I think sometimes people that are “different” than us or don’t do things like “we” agree with are put in our paths to show us our own hearts. And how WE have grown cold or busy to what is real and true. Teen suicide is on the rise and the last few I have heard about have been “church goers.” I share that because of my own experience with religion, but it’s not just there it’s everywhere. You see..religion was killing my soul and I don’t want to see any other child or teenager that has hurt in their hearts to not be able to express themselves. They are feeling condemned instead of accepted and they are being held to unattainable standards. I know what that feels like and I also know at one time I projected some of that behavior on my own kids. It was unintentional and I regret it, but I am so thankful I have been blessed enough to salvage those relationships. I remember one time a while back I was feeling compelled to step away from attending a religious organization. While I was sitting in the parking lot just out of the blue I got a text from my oldest daughter. She sent me a song called My Church to listen to. At that moment, I needed that song because I couldn’t deal with trying to be perfect anymore. I wasn’t even myself. I was there, but I was lost and that song brought me back that night. It made me realize that sometimes your church isn’t at a meeting place, but it is happening in your heart. It is so freeing to not be a robot anymore and to know that truth of who you are in the depth of your soul. I really PRAY for all the kids out there to find that….to not be a robot but to learn to be real. That they can share their hearts and have freedom to express themselves and that it is OKAY to not be perfect. It is never going to happen here and they all have stories and struggles that the world needs to hear.

P.S. My Church is by Maren Morris you can watch it on Youtube �� watch it ��


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