Nobody is Home…

Do you ever feel so alone…when your heart is there, but nobody is home

You have the roles you have to fill…but somewhere you are waiting until

Your Spirit is free it spreads its wings to fly…right now all you want to do is cry

You don’t understand what is going on..did I do something to feel this wrong

But along life’s road your soul in disguise..too soon weighed down by life’s surprise

Too young and didn’t grow..those roles you’ve played you didn’t really know

But you stepped on stage trying to play it well..allowing no room to sometimes fail

So now beaten down by demands here and there feeling like nobody cares

You lift up your head and trying again cause you’re  holding on to the end

And these feelings come and go…allow your soul to feel

Don’t judge the mood’s appeal…it will be gone soon enough so don’t think of being tough

Ride it out hold on when you feel alone and your heart is there but nobody is home


Poem by: Sharon Schwartz


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