Just my thoughts…

There’s a difference in dwelling on the past and trying to gain understanding from it

There are so many lights in the world that haven’t been turned on yet

Refresh yourself…quit striving you are enough

You can take something away from every person you cross paths with

When you know you are loved you can be love to others ā¤ļø

KNOW in your heart God’s love because sometimes your mind wants to do its own thing

Think about the good things in your life they are gifts to you from God

It is rare that we meet the “real” in a person

Words can be some of the most cherished things ever but also your worst nightmare

Sometimes my heart craves Heaven and sometimes it’s in Heaven

I am a deep thinker with a deep longing for a deep life on earth šŸŒ

Kids are amazing gifts, rays of sunshine, hearts of hope, smiles, and laughter of peace…mine are…my heart inside my heart

I used to cope with life by many ways…alcohol, pills, comfort food, wasted days..stuck in grief and despair no joy no peace I didn’t bear…Time went by year after year…trying to find my way but it wasn’t clear…Now those days are long time passed dead and gone…My Savior Jesus is leading me home…praising Him brings rest to me… replacing fears that used to be…Oh how I love Him yes I do only because He loved me too.

Criticism you try to come into my mind and keep my thoughts all in a bind…you want me to live out of my head so your thoughts can make my life seem dead…”Be gone!!”..is what I say to you your power has been given to thoughts brand new

Tick tock all is calm but the sound of the clock…then.. the birds start to sing thru my screen door the rooster crows once and then ten times more…my cat stretched out on the rocking chair with black fur and green eyes giving me a stare…lazy days are his… on my porch he sleeps until he gets hungry his “meow” he keeps…








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