Never found…

I feel so empty sometimes about the time I have given pouring into you
The love I only wanted to see given in return but you looked past me…even right through me and today I feel the burn
The more I loved the more you turned me away with your walls up strong and hard as they would stay
Like a child I’ve been stuck needing you in my life and I’ve tried and tried but your silence cut me like a knife
Like someone so naive trusting you and the love you were supposed to give me
You stepped on my heart shattered it and my vulnerability
How stupid am I??.. I would say to myself as I regressed into my shell the emotions to suppress
You are heartless? when it comes to me? the lines you draw your boundaries will be
As long as I was your puppet that’s what i was back then
Just a young adolescent soul needing acceptance and welcomed in
Too late for me to be so succumbed by you why does this longing not go away that needs to?
Never mind to you I will not shackle myself from others as you do and become twisted in my thinking from the memories left of you…where you left your stamp of disapproval branded in my soul and wrenched my heart oh how it took its toll…they say time heals all wounds I must say to a point it will or are there places in the heart that take longer than time to heal… Why the emptiness there with all the love I surround??
A mothers unconditional love I don’t know i have never found…

My thoughts from long ago and i love you even though I just don’t know where it was that you did go??? mom and me ❤️💐🙏imagePoem by: Sharon Schwartz


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