One True Friend…

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than trust in princes. Psalm 118:8-9

As much as we want those perfect relationships or friendships it’s literally impossible. No one is perfect and everyone will at some point hurt, disappoint, or let you down. I have conversations a lot with my oldest daughter about friendships. Sometimes in life one can feel utterly alone and it’s hard. Just this morning I was thinking about how frustrated I can get when friends don’t make time for each other/me/her. The world, busyness, troubles, and our own families sometimes unintentionally prevent that. It’s hard for my daughter and I to accept that sometimes with certain friends. I guess we expect them to be there like we usually are there for them, but it feels like they aren’t at the times we need them most. We have learned in the midst of all of those relationships that we are growing closer and have each other to talk to. We are learning not everyone will choose to make time for us. However, Jesus will always make time for us. He is there when no one else is and that is hard sometimes because He isn’t tangible. I know He is though I have that faith..because I was praying this morning and I specifically wrote in my journal. “God, I know or I feel like sometimes I have no friends but I know I have Your Son Jesus and He is the best friend I could possibly have. Help me to not look for perfect friendships or relationships because His friendship is the only perfect One.” Then, God led me to the Bible verse I wrote above. It’s very dangerous to look for perfect love/friendship in others because we are tempted to live in disappointment when we feel that person fails us. I do believe that we can have somewhat healthy relationships/ friendships and there are those that aren’t. I also feel like God can put people on our hearts to reach out to and we fail to do it and we miss an opportunity. Jesus through us can be that Friend to someone at a certain time. He works like that, too. That may sound contradicting to my point, but there’s truth in it. Anyway, I am thankful I have a true friend in Jesus. He will never let me down or leave me to walk alone.  🙏😇❤️


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