Living Free…

The HEART ❤️ needs to fly it was made to be open and embrace or at least try
No holding back or strings in the way no arms length or to be kept at bay
To grasp to beat to love to hold to not cower away but to stand up and be bold
To forgive to reach out to draw in without doubt to turn to God for strength so there won’t be a drought
I have learned this with time to keep my heart light
Not weighed down by loss or un forgiveness in plight
They say to forgive and also forget but I say forgive even when thoughts won’t let
The more you forgive and let it be true… bad memories will lose their grip on you
Don’t just do it for them because you need it much more
Life is too short to try and settle the score
Trust me I know I’ve experienced some pain but when you hold on there’s nothing to gain
You have love inside you; you are a beautiful soul
So spread that love around that’s the ultimate goal
Life is better it’s a guarantee when there’s love in your heart and you’re living free

Poem by: Sharon Schwartz


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