House of Secrets (a book) A story about God, mental illness, pain, and healing…

It is SO AMAZING how God works!! God can use anything He wants to help us understand Him…including a random book from the library!! For the past week or so I have been reading a book called House of Secrets. It is about 3 sisters who experienced A LOT of trauma growing up. The main character which is the oldest sister is struggling with lots of fear and is in therapy. Their father who was absent the majority of their lives was working to make sure they were taken care of by putting them in boarding schools.  After 15 years of not seeing them he calls a family meeting. Their mother has passed away so it is just the 4 of them plus the dad’s new wife. The girls are angry at their dad because he wasn’t there for them and they had lost their mom when they were little so they felt they had no one. Well, they found out at this family meeting that their mom had mental illness and had committed suicide instead of dying the way they had previously believed. The oldest girl starts to recollect some memories as she is working through her pain and she remembers how her mom was thrown out of church. Her mom had paranoia schizophrenia and thought the people at church were out to get her. She disrupted church service more than once and they pretty much labeled her demon possessed or became frightened of her. She was scorned and the daughter remembers how painful that was for her mom. She is also very angry at God because of it. She feels like if God was all-knowing and powerful He would have kept her mom safe from that and He would have kept herself and her sisters from experiencing so much pain. The girl works with a man that really wants a relationship with her, but he comes to help her work through this as a friend…he has a relationship with God and her dad has also found God. So, during this time she is being bombarded with God’s presence and His willingness to rescue her and guide her through healing from her pain and memories. All of the girls are angry and they are demanding answers from their father about everything to do with their mom and their past. They don’t understand why he nor God helped their mom because they knew she was a good person. However, the dad continually reminds them that because of her paranoia she wouldn’t accept help. She thought doctors wanted to hurt or kill her with the medication they offered. They continually badger their dad with their anger and demand answers to the point that they realize how much they are just causing him pain and it’s sure not helping them either. Meanwhile, the oldest sister is confiding in the man that has come to her side and He is helping her to gain insight into God’s ways. He is trying to help her to understand that we live in a fallen and sinful world. He is also letting her know that humans aren’t perfect because of that and that our choices affect ourselves and others. She is learning that even though she has experienced all of this pain..God was there the whole time. God gives people a free will, but He is there to help us deal with our pain caused by others if we let Him. ……………

By the end of the story they all found healing with God’s help and the openness and willingness of everyone involved.  The oldest sister married the man she worked with and finds a new beginning after all of her pain. She made a decision to trust God and trust him. He had prayed her through this tough ordeal and just wanted to love her. She had so many trust issues, fear and insecurities she had carried from childhood to adulthood.  This book has so much truth to it even though it is fiction. That is exactly the way God is. He is continually working and He is BIG enough to be working in everyone’s life at one time. He is working all over the world and every intricate detail is part of His plan. It also shows the power of prayer and how one person can make such a difference with it.  It is sad that the mom was never able to experience life in a positive way because she didn’t get the help she needed. I am so thankful I got help and I am able to enjoy life with my family. I know there are people out there suffering with mental illness that either refuse help or haven’t found the right meds to work for them. I want to say to them don’t give up!! God is there in the midst of your pain. You might not “feel” God because of depression and the numbness it brings, but He is there!! I know how deep that pit of darkness is I have been there. It is NOT fun and it feels like hell, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel even when you can’t see a glimmer of it. Just cry out to Him until you find relief He will answer you and carry you through. If you know someone suffering with mental illness please pray for them!! Don’t judge them!!  🙏


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