Life is a race and my morning…


This morning my mind gave me a nudge
But in my bed I did not want to budge
Cause my body was holding a grudge
From the cheesecake I ate I feel sludge
Up I go!!..against the pressure and the flow
To the coffee pot I decide I will go
What this day holds I do not know
I am wide awake now even so..
It is time! My exercise starts to call
That first step is the hardest of all
Put on my clothes tie the laces on my shoes
This is something that only I can choose
Grab the keys leave my home
Get far away from my comfort zone
To the track I will go body hurts but I decide to stay
Cause I know the results will be great
And my mood it will soon elevate
The humid air and the sweat pouring down
On my face as it drops to the ground
My heart beats and my feet they pound
One more lap as I go round and round
Breathing hard and pushing through
That mental block that does not want to…
Set a goal and fix my eyes forgetting about my body’s cries
I keep on going and set my pace
I’m by myself but I’m in a race
Why do some days seem easy come easy go?
Today is not one and this I know
I keep on going and don’t give up I’m almost there don’t interrupt
I set the goal I passed it too
My race is finished I broke through
Even though I was feeling some pain
The sky it was holding back the rain
And as I was going to my car that was parked
The rains came down and the skies grew dark
I thanked God for the strength that He gave
And for helping me go and not cave
To face the day strong and be brave
And for keeping the rain and the shower
Held back for me for over an hour
So I could get the job done.. and I could finish running my run
So like can do it too! Whatever you need to do to be true to you
So the next time you think life is hard just don’t forget that you know who you are
And the next step you think you can’t bear close your eyes and just say a prayer to ignite the strength that is there!!
Remember life is a race…and it’s not done… so know what to do cause time is your run!


Poem by: Sharon Schwartz








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