Running my own race…and life πŸ™πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

First of all, I have had this blog on my heart for a couple of days and got too busy to blog it. Hopefully it will flow the way I want it to.Β  Lately, I have been trying to increase my mileage on my runs.Β  In the past I have been able to achieve a lot more and it has been getting to me mentally.Β  I guess with age and less consistency it’s more of a challenge to get back out there. I am also learning to pace myself and that is in every area of my life…not just running. Another thing I am working on is not comparing myself, life, or accomplishments to someone else. When you are a runner you can get so caught up in being faster or better and even start to compare yourself to others. I know that can be life in general, but I am learning just how exhausting that is. When I notice other people running I tend to get frustrated. It seems so easy for some…they have speed or they are graceful and light on their feet. But, for the past few days I have been trying to bring myself back to my own running. I used to want to improve my speed just because most runners do, but I have realized I really just want to improve my endurance/distance. That’s what I have to focus on personally. Whatever everyone else is doing is none of my business. Sometimes my runs are so much harder than they should be because I get mental blocks. I think about other runners, the pain, my past runs, my future runs etc….isn’t it true how usually when you want something that will make your life better the distractions will almost cripple it? My dream is to run a marathon someday. I know I can do it if I train properly because I have already ran several half-marathons. I just have trouble lately with short term goals and I want results now, but the same as life you can’t rush it. That’s why most recovery programs focus on “one day at a time” as their logo. I have mustard seed faith when it comes to running my future marathon, but I am learning it’s all about the process. When I first started running I had to walk before I ran, I had to run a lap before I could run a mile, I had to run a mile before I could run another one, I had to run a 5k before I could train for the 10k, I had to run a 10k and add some mileage before I ran my first half-marathon. It wasn’t easy and I had to start somewhere. There’s a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. that says “You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step.” That is so true!! Some more words that come to mind for me are the words in Miley Cyrus’s song “The Climb” when she says….”I can almost see it that dream I’m dreaming but there’s a voice inside my head saying you’ll never reach it…Every step I’m taking every move I make feels lost with no direction my faith is shaking, but I gotta keep trying…gotta keep my head held high…there’s always gonna be another mountain I’m always gonna want to make it move always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.. Ain’t about how fast I get there.. Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side….IT’S THE CLIMB!!!”So, in order to fulfill a seed of a dream it’s mainly about the process to get there. It’s not about how fast you are or the setbacks you have it’s about the process/the climb. Every step you take is a step of faith. I believe when you wake up in the morning that’s your first step of faith (a miracle) and when your feet hit the floor that’s your second step and so on and so on….If you just focus on the step, the moment, the next breath, etc….gradually you WILL have peace that’s what I believe!! And you will know and accomplish what you are supposed to be doing. Sometimes that is just chillin or sometimes you have to take some action. I do believe that whatever it is…your life will flow with the Universe/God. Don’t look around at others because that is the worst thing anyone can do and I am talking to myself for sure!! But, live your life, your conscience, and your dream regardless of what anyone around you says or does it’s YOUR decision to make. Social network is the worst…that’s why I blog. Most of it is fake…you only see the “good” in peoples’ lives not their struggles. All of their pictures and vacations, etc… That’s why I like blogging because it’s mostly people that are sharing their talents trying to inspire others. I usually don’t get feedback or many likes or really have many followers. I just put what’s on my heart out there and I leave it. Sometimes that has been hard, but I have come a long way with that. Anyway….comparison is a big fat pit that has so many people in it…especially teenagers these days sadly. They are losing their identities in what other people think about them. Adults are, too. Sometimes we think we know what people need or we think we need to be doing something just because someone else does and that’s the worst mindset to have. There are young people I know that got married just because all of their friends did and teenage girls getting pregnant because that’s the “thing” to do. I remember at one point in my teenage years I wanted to wear all name brand stuff…it’s amazing what I have allowed to take over my identity. I just want to be true to myself and my heart…my run, my race, my life…. Β and I want to inspire others!! Anyway….today, this moment, I feel pretty good. I woke up this morning, I had coffee, I fought through another run, I can see, hear, move my body and taste…I have food in my belly and clean water to drink/bathe in, and my family is here with me safe. So, there’s peace in my heart and love all around me. I am blessed. I hope you are, too.


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