What religion did to me and what the Hope inside of me did to religion…

A cocoon covers, constricts, and wraps itself around the beautiful butterfly 🦋 underneath. Tightly woven…just as religion had once enveloped me…crippled passion, darkened, blinded, unable to see the light beyond it’s grip. Until one day!!… the earth shook my body and awakened the beauty of love ❤️ inside me…beneath all of the strangling expectations and restrictions. The sun began to shine as the shadows of the cocoon were ripped from my soul. I could go forth in brightness and begin again. Just as the beauty of the butterfly fluttering and flickering with it’s colorful array…capturing the eye of those searching…for a small glimpse of tiny creatures in a vast creation… made by The Majestic and Artistic Creator. I am flying…living…breathing…again. My heart beating 💗 strong again for life…yes life!! I can smell the air, the scents of honeysuckles growing nearby, coconut lotion covering me, fresh flowers, an outdoor grill, fresh cut grass. The smell of rain and the coolness of it falling gently on my face as I lift it towards the sky. The drops stream down my cheeks like tears…awesomeness. Listening to myself breathe in thankfulness and blow out the precious air to feel….to know the difference from a lifeless existence to one of awe and beauty. Thank-you to my Creator He alone knows the depth of me…the colors of my soul are as many as the roses. The emotions of love, happiness, hurt, joy, the tears of pain…all of them expressions of adoration and given as a gift to explore. Reaching for longing for the passion that this world cannot grasp or contain but knowing it is there…leaves you breathless. It keeps you alive knowing, feeling, and hoping for completeness. Life…beautiful life. When you finally love yourself enough to realize YOU ARE ENOUGH!! You deserve to live free…To experience beauty and awe and love ❤️ gratitude… never to return to what kept you bound… 



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