My voice my story…

IMG_1775.JPGI feel like since I have started my blog I am finding my voice. I get really upset when people try to confine how I feel and keep me from expressing my truth. A big step to healing is sharing your story and not allowing others to dictate it for you. If they do then I don’t need them to be a part of my story. I share my perspective on my life and my struggles to give anything less would be FAKE.

Today I got to see inside of a youth detention center and listen to some of the girls share their stories.  It brought back sad memories for me. I saw them and I saw me. I was that teenager. I remember when I went to YDC in my hometown. I was such a confused teenager. My parents were doing their own thing. They were divorced and sowing their “wild oats.” They drank a lot and had many different relations/relationships and I didn’t have any stability really. Neither of my parents were there for me in a healthy way so I could relate to these girls! Anyway, as I watched them and listened to them it broke my heart. I wanted them to know how much worth they have even when those closest to them don’t tell them that.  I wanted to share my story with them and give them hope! I wanted to tell them they have an amazing God that loves them whether they are behaving or not. He loves unconditionally. He also wants to adopt them and not leave them as orphans when they feel alone and left behind or left out or “different” or “bad.” He wants to receive them even when their mother and father forsakes them because that’s just what He does…He never leaves. I could just see their adolescent beauty beyond the shells they made for themselves. I can remember the few people that were REAL to me and gave me HOPE when I was in that youth detention center or in rehab or jail. It was the ones that had been there or lived through some of the things I was going through. That was my HOPE and I remember it well! Those seeds that were planted by the people that were willing to share their stories with me were real and they accepted me where I was. Even in that “bad” place with that “bad” record for my “bad” behavior they saw ME and I am thankful for that! Seeds sown in love, faith, compassion and empathy will reap a harvest that we might never know about. I bet none of those people have any idea of the impact their stories had on me. Amazing….🙏 Don’t let anyone tell you how to share your story or what you can or cannot say! It’s YOUR story!

❤️Psalm 27:10~~For my father and my mother have forsaken (abandoned) me, but the Lord will take me in.

❤️John 14:18~~I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.


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