Don’t plant seeds of fear…

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I am very analytical which leads me to continue my blog about fear. It amazes me how many people live in fear these days. I got to thinking about my situation the other day. You know I was doing perfectly fine running in my neighborhood! I had no fear and I wasn’t afraid of that man either. I love running here it is peaceful and quiet you know!!?? HOWEVER, my neighbor planted that fear seed in my head when she told me to watch out for that man!!, watch my back, he is up to no good, etc….Then, I freaked out when I saw him again and started running from him. Was he even chasing me or was he just running? That’s sad if she was just being stereotypical and judgmental. I had seen the guy before he never did anything to me. AND to top it off when I ran to that lady’s house that gave me a ride home…she even told me about a freaking murder that happened  a long time ago across the street way back in the woods. I am thinking WHY??? WHY would you tell me that right now?? THEN, she told me about a girl in Colorado that was out hiking or something and got brutally attacked by a guy that was hiding in the woods. What did I do?? I googled it and yes it is a true story. He tried to choke her and her dog tried to attack him, but even the dog couldn’t stop him so she had to fight for her life. She lived to tell about it. Her dog did, too by the way. You can google it, too if you want. But why would you?? Are we as a society just being drawn by negativity and fear??? THERE IS NO PEACE in living like that!!! GEE whiz I was just replaying that scenario and how omg I had better double dead bolt and get a security system and try to make my lab/pit dog mean so he will bite anyone that comes even close to my door, me or my 16 year old daughter. THEN, I start getting super worried about her! I even told her that day I was getting her some pepper spray for “if she ever needs it.” When I told her that she started getting upset and worried and I didn’t even tell her ANYTHING about ANYTHING. I just said I was getting her some pepper spray. I mean how do you tell a kid to be cautious without scaring them and making them paranoid. That is exactly what happened to me that day when my neighbor pulled over and practically told me I needed to be AFRAID of him!! What if he isn’t even that way??. I mean I am trying to TRUST GOD here. Isn’t HE in complete control of ALL THINGS???? Didn’t HE providentially SAVE ME that horrible night I had as a teenager? Look at the book of JOB in the Bible I mean that just explains it all. NOTHING can touch me or my family that God doesn’t allow. I cannot and will NOT live in fear! There is NO JOY, NO PEACE, or NO FAITH living that way!! I prefer ALL of that over fear any day!! I AM JUST SAYIN!!! UGH!!



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