9 Things Mental Illness Has Taught Me About Life

This is awesome thanks to halfway2hannah


When we are faced with challenges, it’s hard to believe that something positive will come out of these periods of darkness, but there is. Sometimes the most important lessons in life hide in places we would never think to look. These are 9 things mental illness has taught me about life.

1. An Authentic Life Is a Good Life.

Living with a mental illness has taught me the power of authenticity. An authentic life is a good life. When we hide our truth from other’s, it’s impossible to be satisfied. Being honest about who you are, no matter the opinion of others is the foundation for happiness. Pretending to be someone else doesn’t prevent pain, it increases it.

2. Our Mistakes and Struggles Shape Us.

I was barely 20 years old when I was taken to a mental hospital and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At the time I thought it would ruin…

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