He will rescue me…

Image result for the cross pics

A troublemaker of sorts was how the story’d go

I have to say I was pretty tough living that life it was pretty rough

I could drink em under the table until lifting their heads they weren’t able

I had that strong will that role I had to fill

Doing what I wanted living the crazy life

Causing sometimes laughter and other times some strife

I didn’t care what people thought

Their judging stares when I got caught

So many people putting on a facade doing the same things as me

But just living as a fraud

Then things happened to me you know

Down that crooked way I’d go

Bits of pieces I lost of me broken memories was all I’d see

Time it took its toll on me the choices and trauma wouldn’t let me be

Even the day I grabbed Jesus’s Hand and started following another plan

That stuff it’s had to follow me too … but the cross I’ve made is my refuge

It will make and break me when I need

I have to have its frailty

Because that strength I thought I had

when I was big and bad

I no longer need it you see…cause my Savior Jesus will rescue me

Poem by: Sharon Schwartz


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