Things I am learning and my thoughts…

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I need to step away from the noise of life as many times as it takes to find my true self; there is true fulfillment and peace in that!!

I do not need to worry about how others perceive me or allow it to deter the path I am on to becoming a better me. I am a work in progress with this one. I think sometimes we lose ourselves and get caught in that trap. The faster you untangle yourself from that web the closer to peace you are.

Not everyone will love you or understand you that’s THEIR LOSS. This one has been hard for me. For many years I have felt like certain family members (especially my mother) have judged me for so many things not to mention those outside my family who also have. First it was because I was wild, rebellious and an alcoholic/addict for years. Then, it was that I was going to the “wrong” church. Then, it was my mental illness and diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder/Depression. Some of them would say things like “I have emotional issues” or “I am trying to get attention” or “I should do things the natural way and not take meds” NOPE that’s not the case for me. Medicine saved my life. That’s why God in HIS infinite wisdom gave us doctors, nurses and everyone in the medical field plus medicines to HELP us!! Anyway, my point is…if people don’t love you because you aren’t up to THEIR standards then they don’t deserve you. This lesson has been hard for me to learn. It took me so many years to accept the fact that my own mother chooses to see me with a negative perception because of all the things I have done wrong. She has also brought that poison into my relationship with my oldest daughter. That’s a whole other blog that I choose not to write about.  Let go and let GOD with that one!

I am learning to SLOW down before I start my day. Sometimes, especially the last few days I have found myself dreading going to work. My mind starts racing with all of my tasks I will have to complete and then the stuff I will have to do when I get home. Mostly my job tries to stress me out before I even start. I work really hard and it can be so exhausting like most people that work doing whatever they do. However, if I just take that break in the mornings with God/meditation/prayer and savor my coffee in the quiet the days go much smoother. It is a NECESSITY!!

Self-care has to take priority over EVERYTHING…by that I don’t mean being selfish. I mean being quiet and still…living in the moment. Don’t stress eat (I am a work in progress with that one, too). Slow down and enjoy food. It is fuel for the body. Don’t eat a lot of crap either. You are what you eat from your head down to your feet! That is so true! If you eat crap you will feel like crap. The older I get the more I keep an eye on my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I was so EXCITED this week I brought my cholesterol down from 241 to 196. I was euphoric lol. I EXERCISE on my days off to feel good. I just feel healthier and I try to enjoy it. I take walks/runs and sit outside. Fall is FAMAZING!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER right now. I am outside as much as I can be. It just makes a person feel better I think!! I also keep a clean body from head to toe and practice good dental hygiene. When I used to struggle with depression really bad it would be hard for me to even get out of the bed some days. I am very thankful that I am on the other side of most of that. When I learned that self-care plays a big part with depression it helped me to be more proactive in that area.

Last but certainly not least!! Be grateful for EVERYTHING!! I KNOW FOR A FACT that will change your day and your life!! I have always tried to thank God for something everyday!! There’s SO MUCH to be thankful for!! When we lost power during Hurricane Florence it was hard, but the whole time I was trying to practice gratitude. It didn’t flood in my part of town like it did other parts. We never lost water. We had food and a propane grill for cooking. We had our cell phones charged and data. I had coffee!!! We had each other and we were safe! Those weren’t in any order lol! We were only without power for 5 days some people may not even have theirs back right now. There was so much destruction and it just missed us. It rained and rained and rained though. Our neighbors brought their boat in from the beach and I thought we were going to have to hitch a ride if it didn’t stop, but it did. Anyway, there’s always something to be grateful for. I just want to say right now how GRATEFUL I am for my amazing husband and kids!! They are all on their own journey and they all inspire me with their different qualities and gifts. They are truly a BLESSING to my life and have changed my life! GOD did that!! Also, I am GRATEFUL for my friends…the ones that have stood by me even when I was difficult or annoying or going through a mental illness crisis. It really means a lot to have those people that you know see good in you in spite of yourself. I am also GRATEFUL for people that follow my blog. Ya’ll inspire me with your words, your stories, your photography, your paintings, but most of all YOUR TRANSPARENCY!! Because in this sometimes fast paced and superficial world you take time to reflect and share your struggles. Our struggles don’t make us weak they give us the strength to inspire and that is a miracle. Thanks for sharing!!



One thought on “Things I am learning and my thoughts…

  1. Thankyou for sharing.
    Our struggles and our strengths create community and connection – priceless.

    It’s good to hear all of the different ways in which you practice self-care. The thing is, if we all genuinely practiced self care, we would be able to participate without drama. Those who think self-care is selfish… Just by the fact they say it’s “selfish”, shows you where they are with trying to draw attention onto themselves with manipulative and cruel words.

    Thanks for your blog. Blessings for a joyful day.


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