The smile…


Pressed uniform she is ready for her day

Her hair not chic but nice…in its own way

No make-up on her face… just a smile she would wear

Embracing the hope that it would illuminate her care

For all of those people she would touch that day

With the love that only she could give in her own special way

The crippling of hearts and limbs, minds filled with vacancy, eyes with blank stares

She wanted to share an embrace, a word softly spoken and maybe unspoken prayers

The ones that she especially streamed along by her heart

Were those with no memories and families not taking part

In their lives because why? Just because now they don’t know you or what to do?

Or do they remember sometimes and can’t show it to you?…

Because you aren’t around to make the memory come true

So it’s erased in a second and gone like the breeze of the wind

And their faces show their solemnness once again

For a moment there would be big smiles on their faces

And she would look into their eyes to see the brightness in their dazes

Which family member did they see

was it the spouse that loved them?….unconditionally

They were married for years too many to count

Their legacy was left by the pictures they would mount

On the wall…black and white tattered edges to show

But a solid foundation made by love left their faces aglow

Picture frame old as it hung crooked on the wall

How many times were the memories recalled

As the girl in the uniform

Sits side by side with a widow in lost stare

Her heart becomes broken at times hard to bear…

Now what she sees is someone forgotten

By others from her life dead relationships that once blossomed

She reaches over to embrace the wrinkled and worn hand

Only to feel a soft grip that somehow could understand

That although none of her relatives would care to stop by

This girl in the uniform had heard her heart’s cry

And though all of her loneliness had been hard to bear

It was eased by the illuminating smile the girl in the uniform decided to wear


Poem by: SHARON SCHWARTZ (my experiences as a nursing assistant)




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