My name is Sharon Schwartz. I graduated from The School of Hard Knocks. I have a BS in “Knowledge Obtained Through Experience” and a PHD in “Wisdom, Insight, Understanding, and Compassion.” In 2012 I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. I am an advocate for people that suffer with mental Illness. I am also married to an awesome man that God has blessed me with to do life. I also have 3 amazing children and I love my little family with all my heart. I am an avid runner and have ran 5 half marathons, several 10ks and 5ks. My hope is to get determined enough to do my first marathon soon. I enjoy being active for my health. This blog is mine, my inspiration, my words, my pain, my struggles, my accomplishments, my happiness, my everything (I do not plagiarize if it is not mine I will tell you whose it is, quotes, excerpts, etc…. For years I didn’t have a voice.  I was always controlled by outside influences whether that was my parents, friends, family, or religion something inside of me wanted to be. For a long time I felt shunned and even judged for trying to be me but on my blog site I will share my words, my poetry, my heart, and especially my voice. This is where I am this season in my life. I am not confined, I will not conform, and that goes to anyone that prefers to box in my expressions.  I am who I am and I am finally okay with that. Above all, I write hoping that if I can touch or help one person or give them hope it’s worth being raw and vulnerable by putting myself out there. I have no time for skeptical and judgmental people. My focus is to truly LIVE and to share with others. Positive feedback is welcome but not necessary 🙂 Pictures are provided by WordPress photo library and me.